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What you need to bring along to ensure a great day of fishing:

Wisconsin Fishing License & Great Lakes Salmon & Trout Stamp

  • A Wisconsin Fishing License with a Great Lakes Stamp is required for everyone over the age of 16 to fish on the charter. Licenses are available at Seagull Marina, Wisconsin DNR Licensing Site, or call 1-877-945-4236. Patsy’s Mini Mart is Open 24 hours just down the road. There are a number of options for purchasing a license.  If you are only planning on fishing in WI on the charter date, a 2-Day Great Lakes License which includes the Great Lakes Stamp is $14.  

  • It is best to purchase your license at least the day before your trip. If the weather looks like it might be a issue, wait until right before the charter to purchase a license.

  • You will need a hard copy of your license as a Form of Proof as Lake Michigan is an outlying water. If the DNR would ask to see your license while fishing they pass the licenses with a pole, and they do not want to lose your phone or card if it were to drop in the water.

Warm Clothing
     Two Rivers is known for being “Cooler       near the Lake” so even on the hot
     summer days it may be cool on the 
     water. We have plenty of space in the
     cabin to store extra cloths if needed.

Soft-soled Shoes
     The boat is always moving, so   
     wear flat type shoes to stay safe
     on the water.

     Sunglasses, sunscreen, a
     hat, and raingear, if needed.

     Take pictures and video of your         trip and share your catch.

Kids Life Jackets
     WI state law requires anyone 13
     and under to wear a life jacket
     on the boat.  We do have the
     required offshore life jackets, but
     if you have your own vests, that
     might be more comfortable, you
     can bring them with you.

A Large Cooler
     We will clean & bag your catch,
you’ll need to keep it cool on 
     the way 

Your Favorite Food & Beverage
   Stop the night before your                morning charter and stock up on      your supplies as the only place        open near the dock is Kwik Trip        and that place could get           
    busy with all the early morning 
    charters leaving at the same
    time.  Also McDonalds is near to
    the boat and opens at 5:00 am
    during the summer.



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